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Purchase Order Accounts

Purchase Order Account Information:

Purchase orders are only accepted from official government agencies.  These agencies include and may not be limited to:

1. Local / State / Federal Law Enforcement Departments & Offices.

2. State / Local Fire Departments

3. Official Volunteer Fire Departments

4. Local / County Governments; Public Works, Maintenance Dept, Highway Dept, Environmental Services, and others.

5. Military Branches

6. Public School Systems


Terms and Conditions:

All proper paperwork must be completed and faxed prior to any order shipping.  We reserve the right to approve and deny any request.  If your request is denied, we will provide an explaination of reason.  Payments are requried to be submitted 15 day after order is received.  Orders can only be shipped to the agencies physical address, billing address, or other location that is directly affliated with the agency.  All shipments require a signature upon delivery.

Submission of Purchase Orders:

Create an account on our website using the agency's billing and shipping information.  Use the point of contact information when listing name and phone number.  After an account has been created, download and complete the CPS Purchase Account Form.  Fax the form to 888-529-0467 ATTN: Sales Dept (along with a copy of tax exempt certificate).  This form is used to register the agency's account as an approved Purchasing Account.  This form is a one time process that will allow future purchase orders to be completed.  Once the form received, you will receive confirmation with 48 hours of the accounts status.  The agency can then make orders through the website using the PURCHASE ORDER payment option. Each purchase order requires a copy of the agency's purchase order request to be faxed for our records.


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